One Year of Perfect Exposure

1984At the center of the HeARTs Speak mission lies a simple philosophy: that collaboration is the most effective strategy for improving the lives of companion animals. Our organization unites hundreds of professional artists worldwide who live and work by this philosophy, and in the U.S. alone our members assist over one third of animal welfare groups. As a vehicle for expanding our reach even further and to supplement these artists’ incredible work, we created the Perfect Exposure Project. (more…)

Ridge Dogs: Sharing A Path to Betterment

Coyote Ridge Dogs Judy Devine HeARTs SpeakThroughout years of history, dogs have established themselves as (and evolved to become) star examples of good character and first-class companionship. Rolled into each of their respective resumes is one particularly standout quality: the ability to love unconditionally. Utterly free of judgment and supremely accepting, a dog can serve as a bridge between human worlds, cultivating unlikely connections and uniting minds.


Featured Rescue: Good Mews

GoodMews-1Jean Cocteau once said that cats become the visible soul of a home. HeARTs Speak member and photographer, Hannah Michalski, discovered upon her recent visit to Good Mews Animal Foundation that this theory holds true even if the ‘home’ is a temporary one. Hannah is a self-confessed lover of all creatures great and small, but her fascination for the companion-animal kingdom was sparked many years ago by the quirky, curious and undeniably compelling feline.


Featured Rescue: Lilly Pond Foal Rescue

Me and Seraphin BWHeARTs Speak member and photographer Kathy R. Sherbert of KRS Images is the artist behind the camera lens at Lilly Pond Foal Rescue (LPFR). Located in Maryland, LPFR operates from several privately owned barns in beautiful Calvert County. They provide a safe haven for foals who are byproducts of the nurse mare milk industry, which breeds mares for the sole purpose of the mare coming into milk.