Shining a Light on Senior Pets

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-28-41-pmGrey-faced and mature pets sometimes encounter a bit of a challenge when it comes to adoption. Perhaps it’s our very human reaction to try and protect our hearts from the impending loss of a pet. Maybe older pets force us to come to terms with our own mortality in a new way. Whatever the reason, with the right marketing approach it is possible to help our communities see the great value, varied personalities, and amazing companionship that senior pets can add to our lives. (more…)

Photographing Shelter Cats: Tips from a Pro

greystrokeDespite the fact that there are an estimated 80 million pet cats living in homes in the U.S alone, it’s still widely understood that there is a higher percentage of cats than dogs entering our animal shelters. While there may be a variety of factors involved, it remains that lots of very deserving cats need homes and many shelters and rescues are looking for ways to boost their marketing appeal! Enter: HeARTs Speak member, professional photographer, and resident cat-vocate, Lindsi Jones! (more…)

3 Tips for Choosing a Rescue Photoshoot Location

harley-9-avatar2Location, location, location. It’s not just the key to success for hopeful homeowners; it’s a worthwhile consideration when creatively marketing shelter pets, too.

Kim de Araujo, a professional photographer and HeARTs Speak member, could pass for a realtor given her talent for setting a scene. She recently happened upon One Eleven East, a new and dreamy event space in Hutto, TX. (more…)

Featured Artist: Sophie Gamand

Cali-1smallSophie Gamand is a fine art photographer with a dog obsession, and in 2010 she gave in to her obsession and began photographing dogs exclusively. Since then, Sophie has created some unforgettable series’, including Wet Dog, which won her a Sony World Photography Award this year.

Her most recent series, Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution, is also gaining a lot of attention while gently encouraging the public to see the dog, not the breed; a challenge she personally had to overcome after suffering a vicious dog attack as a teenager.


Dog Shots

25_EyeSpyDog Shots is the second glorious e-book by HeARTs Speak Service Professional, Charlotte Reeves. Coupled with her first book, Fetching Photos, she has wielded a pair of must haves for any pet photographer’s toolbox. Her inspired imagery fills every page along with straightforward tips on tackling tricky shooting situations, and recipes for that perfect shot. Charlotte holds nothing back in sharing her talent, expertise and true intention that you become a better pet photographer.


Featured Artist: Karen Lifshey

KarenKaren Lifshey calls herself a “wife, mother, dog lover, procrastinator, photographer, writer, retired actress/singer/dancer, and couch potato.” We all know that last one can be a doozy and with a black lab named Ben and a beagle named Zuzu on the family roster, we’re guessing she has a pretty rigorous training schedule. (more…)

Featured Artist: Sara Cozolino


Remember when there were no DVRs and you couldn’t wait to sit down and soak up every minute of your favorite TV show, commercials and all? Well, that’s what Long Beach Animal Care (LBAC) Facebook fans and potential adopters do every week after HeARTs Speak member, Sara Cozolino, spends the day photographing their adoptable animals.


Featured Artist: Dianne Bouchard

dianneDianne hails from Vermont. She is the founder of Fluffermutter Rescue Photography and Kids 4 Paws. She first picked up a camera when she was six years old. She has a special gift for capturing an animal’s personality. After her cat Noah passed away on May 6, 2011, she was looking for a way to honor his memory and to heal from the loss. She’d read that volunteering was a great way to accomplish that.


Featured Artist: Amanda Jones

aj_benny-240x300Amanda Jones zigzags across the country—Tucson, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles. She photographs dogs and cats and the occasional horse or duck. Her images appear on the cover of magazines and on greeting cards, posters, and calendars. She is often called the Annie Leibovitz of pet portraiture.


Featured Artist: Colleen Rudolf

 colleen_squareby Charlene Logan Burnett

“Encounter,” an installation of two life-sized bronze sculptures—a wolf and a dog—was shown at the 2013 outdoor exhibition at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, VT. Artist and HeARTs Speak member Colleen Rudolf sought to capture the moment when two genetically related animals, one domestic—one wild, met. Colleen asked the evolutionary question, “Would they still be able to communicate?” (more…)

In Loving Memory of Jacquie Childers

jacqui-1Dec 22, 1977 − July 5, 2013

Jacquie Childers, web producer and public relations leader, was integral to HeARTs Speak. Her artistic eye is evident throughout our web site. Her technical skills supported our first years of organizational and website growth. She was a tireless advocate for HeARTs Speak, and there were no tasks too large or small for her to handle. She oversaw the migration of the website and databases through multiple upgrades. She was the person who so many of us went to for assistance when we first joined HeARTs Speak. (more…)

Featured Artist: Nancy Furstinger

Final-front-coverHeARTs Speak member Nancy Furstinger is the author of nearly 100 books. Her latest, The Forgotten Rabbit, due out in 2014, is based on Marshmallow, a giant New Zealand rabbit.

How did you become involved in animal rescue and rabbit rescue?

I’ve been rescuing animals for years, but became involved in rabbit rescue after discovering a warren of domestic rabbits who were struggling to survive in my old neighborhood in the Catskill Mountains. I humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, and rehomed. Then, after moving, I found a seemingly endless supply of domestic rabbits on the lam—people had eit (more…)

Featured Artist: Tiphanie Anderson

Feature Tiphanie AndersonTiphanie Anderson, a HeARTs Speak Aspiring Member, was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Award for her photography work in 2012 with companion animals at PAWS, an organization of people helping animals near Seattle, WA.

The award reads: Your presence and artistic eye can transform even the shyest cat or dog into a supermodel. You see beauty in orphaned and abandoned animals, and with every click of your camera, you help others to see it, too. By showing every animal’s best side, you are helping so many find homes.

Molly Reagan Axt, a PAWS volunteer programs manager adds: Tiphanie has been a long-time advocate for dogs. Her passion shines through in the work she does!

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