Be Well, Do Good: 6 Simple Self-Care Ideas

Jill_Flynn_dog_3127JFIn our excitement to do as much good as we can for animals, many of us stop taking care of own needs. Lack of interest in our own self-care is both a symptom of and a result of compassion fatigue. But self-sacrifice isn’t sustainable.

Too often, taking care of ourselves gets regulated to the “optional” category: something to do if we have some free time, after our to-do list is all done, and when all the animals are safe, cared for, and don’t need anything else from us. Which is never. (more…)

Your HeART’s Work

10922439_982359271793468_2502902208671611115_nAsk anyone why they volunteer or work with animals and you’ll probably get the same answer: fast cars, fame, and heaps of money. Oh wait, that’s why people want to be rock stars! People who work with animals do it because they care. Because it is their heart’s work. So let me ask you something, just between us: when was the last time you thought about how the work you do with animals is having an impact on your heart?

As a volunteer or a staff member at a shelter or rescue, you’re exposed to so many animals and people who are in need of help. (more…)