Celebrating a Year of Lifesaving!

Across 20 countries, HeARTs Speak artist members are collaborators in creativity with countless animal welfare organizations. They’re providing lifesaving exposure to homeless animals by way of unforgettable portraits, enticing bios, and marketing materials that put shelter pets front and center. United in their efforts, they’re not only helping pets find homes faster, they’re changing the overall perception of pet adoption as an avenue for welcoming new family members. (more…)

4 Successful Giving Tuesday Campaigns to Inspire

avatarEvery year since 2012, a day of dedicated support for the non-profit community has soothed the retail hysteria of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving and the non-profit answer to the post-Thanksgiving consumerism that has gained momentum over recent years. It’s a feel-good exclamation mark for the season and can be an important piece of the developmental equation for animal welfare organizations. (more…)

What We HeART: November



Kindness. It’s at the core of the HeARTs Speak mission. We bow down to it daily in our fight to create a world where all shelter animals have a chance at finding new life and love. We unite artists all across the globe who trust implicitly in its power. We extend it unconditionally and liberally to the animal welfare community and all of the people working within it. It’s our religion and our guiding light, and we know it’ll change the world.


Capturing Connection: Tips for Photographing Pets With People

ritaearl_mg_5990For most of us, the connection we share with our furry friends is a large part of why we are driven to help more animals find a life of love and happiness with their own human. And the promise of that connection can be a powerful tool in the promotion of shelter pets. Not only does it showcase the friendship potential of the pet in question, but it can offer the public an inside look at all the love, care, and magic that’s happening every single day at their local shelter!


Tips for Taking Better Cell Phone Photos

erica_cell-7g0a8815There’s a reason they say ‘the best camera is the one you have on you’. These days, smart phones are fixtures of our day-to-day lives and are the most widely used type of camera in history. They’re also rapidly improving with each update — so much so that Apple is showcasing the possibilities with their inspiring ‘Shot on iPhone’ project! (more…)

What’s New With Facebook and Instagram

Did you wake up this morning and notice your Facebook business page looked a little different? Maybe even a bit swankier, dare we say?! Or perhaps your Instagram now has this funny little row of twirling circles at the top? It’s probably not the first time you’ve gotten the hang of a social platform and it’s done a 180 on you. But don’t panic! Change is good. (more…)

3 Tips for Choosing a Rescue Photoshoot Location

harley-9-avatar2Location, location, location. It’s not just the key to success for hopeful homeowners; it’s a worthwhile consideration when creatively marketing shelter pets, too.

Kim de Araujo, a professional photographer and HeARTs Speak member, could pass for a realtor given her talent for setting a scene. She recently happened upon One Eleven East, a new and dreamy event space in Hutto, TX. (more…)

Tips for Rocking Social Media on a Tight Schedule

blogscoialavatarHands up if your to-do list currently resembles the opening crawl from Return of the Jedi. Somewhere along our evolutionary journey from smoke signals to Snapchat, life got busy. Like, really busy. And let’s be real: sometimes social media can feel like both the cause of and solution to a hectic schedule. Thankfully, knowing where and how to use your time on social media can help make it feel less like a time warp, and more like the magical marketing force it has the potential to be!


Applications Now Open for Our 2016 Perfect Exposure Project!

Tall tasks often benefit from a little creativity. Across the globe, our artist members are pushing open a new door to animal welfare and unpacking a fresh approach to saving the lives of shelter pets. Through professional photographs and creative marketing, they’re granting homeless pets unforgettable first impressions that hook adopters and forge lifelong bonds. (more…)

2015: A Year of Artist Empowerment

11209731_10153743778304275_8442971957652425655_nSince day one of its inception 5 years ago, HeARTs Speak has been devoted to building a community of professional artists focused on supreme collaboration, compassion, and courage. By nurturing a rapidly expanding network of like-minded individuals, we’ve pushed artistic expression to the forefront of what’s considered beneficial in the fight to save shelter animals. (more…)

One Year of Perfect Exposure

1984At the center of the HeARTs Speak mission lies a simple philosophy: that collaboration is the most effective strategy for improving the lives of companion animals. Our organization unites hundreds of professional artists worldwide who live and work by this philosophy, and in the U.S. alone our members assist over one third of animal welfare groups. As a vehicle for expanding our reach even further and to supplement these artists’ incredible work, we created the Perfect Exposure Project. (more…)

What HeARTs Speak Artists Are Thankful For

11224175_1029493190395482_4374622358696542788_nAs artists of many mediums volunteering our work to animal shelters across the globe, we are exposed to a world that gives us the opportunity to feel thankful every day — for the countless adoptable pets we meet, hardworking shelter staff and volunteers, and a quality paintbrush that just feels ‘right’ in your hand.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, what better time to collect and share all the special things we’re thankful for!


Old n’ Bold: 6 Senior Pets Who Get Friendship

clydeFine wine, fancy cheese, and your favorite jeans are all things that only get better with time, but they’re no match for companion animals when it comes to the art of aging.

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, a 30-day-long celebration befitting the old souls waiting in shelters for a retirement home of their very own. Here are 5 pets who understand that expert friendship is something you cultivate, refine, and apply liberally.



Perfect Exposure for Kansas City’s Shelter Animals

KCavatarThe Perfect Exposure Project began as a seed of an idea back in 2013. It was planted by the realization that, while the HeARTs Speak community continues to welcome professional artists and photographers around the world with a passion for helping, sharing our collective knowledge can stretch our reach even further.

Serving as a fresh, innovative approach (more…)

Ridge Dogs: Sharing A Path to Betterment

Coyote Ridge Dogs Judy Devine HeARTs SpeakThroughout years of history, dogs have established themselves as (and evolved to become) star examples of good character and first-class companionship. Rolled into each of their respective resumes is one particularly standout quality: the ability to love unconditionally. Utterly free of judgment and supremely accepting, a dog can serve as a bridge between human worlds, cultivating unlikely connections and uniting minds.


Merging Art and Education to Save Lives

JF_KCPEP_3131The wonderful thing about art is that it is limitless. There are no boundaries, no ‘don’t do that’s, and if you’re brave enough and bold enough, even the sky is no ceiling.

HeARTs Speak member artists employ myriad mediums to assist in the positive and powerful promotion of adoptable pets, endangered animals, and any creature big or small who might require a little human creativity and innovation to thrive.


Many HeARTs Make Lifesaving Work: A Look At Our Reach

HSInfographicAvatar“Slow and steady wins the race.”

This rings especially true for the big races, like transforming the perception of shelter pets and getting more companion animals into loving homes. It’s no small task we’ve chosen to address, and it’s one that requires careful, consistent attention, care, creativity, and innovation — all things infused into the HeARTs Speak mission by our diverse group of members. (more…)

A New Friend in the Field

Untitled-2Batman is great, but let’s get one thing straight. You can bet Gotham would have stayed a big, scary mess a little longer if Robin hadn’t been tagging along for the ride. And is peanut butter truly as fantastic alone as it is with chocolate? Or jelly? Every Asterix needs their Obelix, and every Shaggy knows how important their Scooby is. What the faithful sidekick may lack in bravado, they make up for by quietly serving as the brains of the operation; the unfaltering support system that even tough-as-nails heroes need to succeed. (more…)

What is a Photo Worth?

photoworthavatarSome of the most memorable moments of our lives decorate our spaces in the form of photographs. They hang unassumingly amongst souvenirs, fridge magnets, and trinkets; tiny glimpses into windows of happiness. We grow so use to their presence, yet every time they catch our eye we are instantly flooded with emotion.

HeARTs Speak artists believe every homeless pet deserves a chance at being front and center on the family photo wall. Or occupying two thirds of your smartphone memory. (more…)