We’re Thankful

102616_stlco_lisa_21It’s that time of year — pumpkin spice has taken control of our lives and we’re prepping to eat ourselves silly with family and friends. For so many of us, this holiday season is tinged with a bit of anxiety about what the future holds. And yet, in between slices of pie and our third helping of vegan stuffing, the staff of HeARTs Speak has some truly amazing things for which we’re thankful.


Shining a Light on Senior Pets

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-4-28-41-pmGrey-faced and mature pets sometimes encounter a bit of a challenge when it comes to adoption. Perhaps it’s our very human reaction to try and protect our hearts from the impending loss of a pet. Maybe older pets force us to come to terms with our own mortality in a new way. Whatever the reason, with the right marketing approach it is possible to help our communities see the great value, varied personalities, and amazing companionship that senior pets can add to our lives. (more…)

Creating Change: Taking Action Against BSL

14_082116_camdenpep_09rwThis past week, the passage of breed-specific legislation in Montreal, Canada has rocked the world of animal advocates. Breed-specific legislation, known as BSL, refers to laws that regulate pets solely on the basis of breed or look (not behavior or incident) and is widely accepted as unjust and ineffective. Montreal’s ordinance has the potential to affect thousands of families who would be separated from their pets and puts the lives of many dogs at risk. (more…)

What We HeART: September

Jill Flynn

Happy first day of Autumn! It’s that most magical time of year — time to drag your beloved scarves out of hiding, and dust off your favorite pair of boots for a romp in the leaves with your furry friends. Here’s what we’re excited about as we welcome this new season (aside from pumpkin spice everything!). (more…)

Photographing Shelter Cats: Tips from a Pro

greystrokeDespite the fact that there are an estimated 80 million pet cats living in homes in the U.S alone, it’s still widely understood that there is a higher percentage of cats than dogs entering our animal shelters. While there may be a variety of factors involved, it remains that lots of very deserving cats need homes and many shelters and rescues are looking for ways to boost their marketing appeal! Enter: HeARTs Speak member, professional photographer, and resident cat-vocate, Lindsi Jones! (more…)

Celebrating Success and Setting Aside Fear

080113_HS_NYCACC_010-2In July, the animal sheltering community celebrated more than 47,000 pet adoptions in just one day when nearly 700 shelters across the United States participated in Clear the Shelters Day! This lifesaving day was sponsored by NBCUniversal and allowed community members, who may not have otherwise known that adoption was an option, to engage with shelters and participate in free or reduced-fee adoptions.


A Lifesaving Partnership

They say that life is all about timing, and that’s a concept that most pet owners and nonprofit organizations can agree on! HeARTs Speak was born out of great timing in 2010, when our fearless leader and Executive Director, Lisa Prince Fishler, adopted her best friend, Iggy. Lisa was head over heels in love and was inspired by Iggy’s adoption to get involved in saving lives by creating more adoption moments for animals all over the world.